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Kahibah, NSW, 2290

Two Mates from Australia Lesley Frendo + Christine Cave,  An Ostomate and an Ostomate's daughter.  Through different circumstances, saw the need for more ostomy products to be made available to Australian Ostomates, for all ages and all sizes - Newborns to adults

Oz2Mate Active: Help for Hirschsprung Disease

Oz2Mate Initiatives

Oz2Mate Active Pay It Forward  


From the moment Ostomate Active was conceived, we always knew that one of our core business focuses would be to “Pay it Forward”(random acts of kindness spread to other people).The name Oz2mates personifies who we are, 2 ‘Mates’ from Oz , and what could be more Australian than mates looking out for each other!

We personally know how hard it can be being an Ostomate and an Ostomate loved one, and want to help. We are beginning our ‘Pay it forward’ initiative with donations of Ostomy bag covers for babies and children (Oz2babes) in hospitals.  Taking care of ill children is one of the most heart breaking and difficult tasks a parent can face.

We have had businesses and people from our community who have supported this initiative.  We have created an Oz2Mate Gratitude page to thank and acknowledge these generous people.  

Please watch this space for more Oz2mate active ‘Pay it Forward’ initiatives to come!

This is just the beginning ….. 

Oz2Mate Active: Help for Hirschsprung Disease

lesley frendo

Help for Hirschsprung Disease

Help for Hirschsprung Disease is a non-profit organisation that helps families whose children suffer from HSCR.  

The Hirschsprung Disease non-profit organisation not only raises awareness for HD but they also make Buddee Bags (toiletry bags with wipes, nappy bags, 2 pair of pants) for children to carry with them and also these incredible Buddee Bears as shown above and in the below gallery that you can purchase via their website. 

We had never heard of Hirschsprung Disease until we recently came across their Instagram page.  We were moved immediately and wanted to help in some way.

We donated baby paed ostomy bag covers, bibs and teddy bears as shown in the below photo gallery.  The Hirschsprung Disease organisation ran a competition and used our donations as prizes.  Jess Ann won the Ostomate Active giveaways.  This is her heartbreaking story.

Her son Digby was born in Tamworth. After 2 days of no bowel movement a distended belly and vomiting green stuff he was airlifted to Randwick Childrens Hospital.  He was diagnosed at 8 days old with HD.  Digby was scheduled for surgery on day 15 but started to have breathing issues.  On day 20 Digby had surgery and now has an ileostomy.

After spending 4 weeks in hospital trying to get his feeds right, he was transferred back to Tamworth.  After along 3 three weeks and struggling to breath Digby was flown back to Sydney.  After doing a sleep study and a LOB Digby was diagnosed with having an obstruction- Digby has a small bottom jaw and a big tongue.  Currently Digby is on BIPAP for sleep which Dr's are hoping he will mature out of in the future.  It is not safe at all for Digby to have anything oral so he must use a tube.

You too can help!  You can donate nappy bags, pants, wipes, toiletry bags and or money.  Please go to their website for more information, Don't forget you can also purchase Buddee Bags and or Buddee Bears as well. Click here to find out more

You can also follow their instagram page help_for_hirschsprung_disease