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Two Mates from Australia Lesley Frendo + Christine Cave,  An Ostomate and an Ostomate's daughter.  Through different circumstances, saw the need for more ostomy products to be made available to Australian Ostomates, for all ages and all sizes - Newborns to adults


How to Measure Guide

How to measure for an Ostomate Active Ostomy Pouch cover and or Ostomate Active ostomy belt.

Ostomate Active Measurement Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your Ostomate Active purchase it is extremely important to get accurate measurements. It is recommended that you watch the “How to measure” video before completing the final details. Below we have both a one page step by step guide and a more detailed step-by-step guide to help you.

Please make sure your measurements are in millimeters (mm)

How to measure.png


To work out the ring size it is helpful to be able to visualise exactly what you are measuring. The ring size is not the size of the stoma opening. The ring size is the measurement around where the bag and the wafer join.

Please do not use any markings on the bags to take measurements.

The join can be seen on this bag by a change of colour.

If your bag is oblong or oval shape the first measurement will be from the top join to the bottom join.

See below:

The next measurement will be from the top of the base plate join to bottom of the base plate join as below:

Measurement A = _________mm

The next measurement will be from the left join to right join as below:

Measurement B = ___________mm

Please note this procedure is the same for both oval and circle ring sizes.

For a circular ring size, the same procedure is followed but measurements A and B should be the same.

You can check this be doing measurements A and B as above:

Measurement A = ___________mm

Measurement B = ___________mm


Measurement B


The ring placement refers to where the ring is positioned on the bag. It can be measured by working out the distance between the top of the bag and the top of the ring (where the wafer and the bag meet).

See below

Measurement C = ______________mm



This refers to the length from the top of the bag to the bottom of the bag. Please ensure you measure the bag as you would wear it. For example, if you roll the bag up or leave as is.

Measurement D =________mm


This refers to the widest part of the bag

Measurement E =____________mm

Mid-section measurement guide for custom belts

Please ensure you record the mid-section measurement under the stoma around the body

Measurement F= _____mm

Please record the distance between your stoma(edge) and your belly button(edge) as shown below:

Measurement G = __________mm

For multiple stomas please record BOTH measurements, on your left hand side first and then on your right hand side.