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Kahibah, NSW, 2290

Two Mates from Australia Lesley Frendo + Christine Cave,  An Ostomate and an Ostomate's daughter.  Through different circumstances, saw the need for more ostomy products to be made available to Australian Ostomates, for all ages and all sizes - Newborns to adults

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Feel The Fear but do it anyway!

lesley frendo

‘Feel the fear but do it anyway’. How awesome is this’s just a shame I was living a life dictated by fear. The last couple of months I have really thought about what this quote actually means and decided to put it into action. I am taking the bull by the horns and so grateful I have. I would love to share with you 2 ways I have recently ‘felt the fear but did it anyway’. I knew I needed to go back to having an Ostomy bag but I was scared, mainly because I knew this decision was final, there was no going back. I struggled with the temporary ileostomy and was scared I would have the same struggle with the colostomy. 6 weeks post surgery and I am a different person (as you can see in my photo). I can eat virtually anything, anytime, I am not running to the toilet every 5 minutes, I am sleeping and just a happier healthier person. In hindsight I wish I made this decision a while ago. My husband has always wanted to go on a cruise, it is on his bucket list, however I have a terrible fear of the water. I have also seen Titanic....he has had a rough couple of years and this is something he really wanted to do. I agreed to go with him but I was absolutely terrified (a little comforted by the fact there were no icebergs where we were going). Walking into the ship I felt like throwing up but I just kept repeating to myself ‘feel the fear but do it anyway’. The cruise turned out to be one of the best holidays we have ever had. As we start 2018, we encourage you to ‘feel the fear but do it anyway’, it may be the best thing you ever do. Happy, Healthy, Active New Year everyone!! #ostomateactive #ostomate #feelthefearbutdoitanyway#colostomy #urostomy #ileostomy #grateful 

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